Hitech Group Invests Rs 1 Billion to Set Up Fortune Resort 

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Hitech Group Invests Rs 1 Billion to Set Up Fortune Resort 

May 1: Hitech Group, which has been manufacturing products ranging from water tanks to CPVC plastic pipes, gas geysers, and heaters, has recently diversified its portfolio by venturing into the hospitality sector. This expansion includes a significant investment in a resort operating under the esteemed 'Fortune' brand, managed by Fortune Park Hotel Limited, a distinguished member of the renowned ITC Hotel Group in India.

The Group’s Chairman Kamal Jain informed New Business Age that the group inaugurated the Fortune Resort and Wellness Spa in Sanga, Bhaktapur on Tuesday. He said that the resort was brought into operation with an investment of more than Rs 1 billion. The resort has 67 rooms and can be extended to 150 rooms. He said that the additional rooms will be prepared soon. He added that he has worked in the tourism sector of Nepal and now he is entering the hospitality sector by bringing the resort into operation.

Jain, who founded the Hilltech company in 1992, built a huge statue of Lord Shiva in Sanga in 2011. He said the resort is being operated in the same locality.

The resort built on 25 ropanis in Sanga will also be managed by Fortune Hotel of India. Industry, Commerce and Supply Minister Damodar Bhandari inaugurated the resort on Tuesday. Jain claims that the resort's spa is the best in Nepal. In the inaugural program, the Managing Director of Fortune Hotel Sameer MC said that they are excited to start the first branch in Nepal.

He said that Nepal is the first choice of tourists who are looking for exciting experiences such as cultural heritage and natural beauty. 

"We will bring the facilities of Fortune Hotels to Nepal," he said. In the program, Jain said that the concept of a peaceful resort will further strengthen the spa experience of tourists coming to Nepal. The resort has ample rooms, cottages and suites decorated with modern decor.

The resort has facilities like a spa, relaxing treatment room, therapy room, sauna, steam room, gym, and swimming pool with a pleasing view. Jain said that the resort, which has three large banquets, will also be developed as a wedding destination. The resort also has a separate area for parties and meetings.


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