Export of Goods from Tribhuvan International Airport Comes to a Grinding Halt

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Export of Goods from Tribhuvan International Airport Comes to a Grinding Halt

April 18: The export of goods produced in Nepal to third countries from the Tribhuvan International Airport customs office has come to a standstill.

The freight forwarders and government officials informed that there has been no export since Monday after the trade union of the loaders interrupted the loading of the goods saying that one of the two x-rays was damaged and only one of them was causing delay.

According to the government officials, one machine for x-raying exported goods has been broken for one month.

Ishwar Bahadur Gurung, secretary of Nepal Freight Forwarders Association, said that checking the goods with only one x-ray was not enough. "We are also requesting to repair another x-ray machine immediately," he said.

Nepal Transport and Warehousing Company Limited has been assigned the responsibility of maintenance of the x-ray machines.

“An important part of the machine is not operational due to damage. We cannot buy a new one without being sure that this part will work after maintenance. That's why there has been a delay in bringing it back into operation," said Tulsi Pokharel, acting head of the company.

Pokharel informed that if they will first try to replace the broken parts from other machines and will start a new procurement process if that is not possible.

Pokharel added that it will take a few months if they have to purchase a new machine. According to Pokharel, even a single x-ray is sufficient to scan goods. Pokharel claims that one machine can x-ray 35-40 tons of goods daily and if the goods arrive on time, one machine will be enough.

However, freight forwarders say one x-ray machine is not enough. According to them, since there is only one machine, the x-ray is being delayed and this has hindered the export on time.

However, both sides are in talks. "We are trying to solve the problem through dialogue," Pokharel said.


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