Experts Suggest Government to Bring Implementable Budget   

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Experts Suggest Government to Bring Implementable Budget   

April 16: Economists and experts have urged the government to introduce a practical budget for the upcoming fiscal year.    
Speaking at a meeting of the National Assembly's Committee on Development, Economic Affairs and Good Governance on Tuesday, the experts viewed that the new budget should be based on development and social justice along with being gender-responsive.    
They suggested that the government should focus on sustainable development of agriculture, energy and tourism sectors in the new budget.    
On the occasion, economist Dr Govinda Nepal said the big-size budget and its non-implementation have created fiscal imbalance and called for a practical budget.    
He argued the new budget should accord priority for the modernization of agriculture, information technology, energy and tourism.    
Likewise, Registrar of Kathmandu University Achyut Wagle said the structure of the economy should be made environment-friendly and the new budget should focus on the areas for sustainable development of agriculture and its production.    
Similarly, social activist Bharati Silwal Giri said the budget should be gender-responsive and it should incorporate the issues of gender equality and women empowerment.    
During the meeting, NA Vice Chairperson Bimala Ghimire expressed confidence that the feedback received from the experts would be instrumental in enriching the new budget.    
Committee Chairperson Kamala Devi Pant said the new budget should address the issues of Dalits, underprivileged and marginalized communities. -- RSS  

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