Exploration of Petro Products in Dailekh to Gain Momentum with the Arrival of Equipment from China

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Exploration of Petro Products in Dailekh to Gain Momentum with the Arrival of Equipment from China

April 2: The exploration of petroleum products in Dailekh is expected to gain momentum after the arrival of equipment for the first phase of exploration in the district.

Five small containers loaded with such equipment arrived in the district from China under a government-to government agreement between Nepal and China. The equipment were shipped via Kolkata Port and entered Nepal through the Rupaidiya-Nepalgunj border.

Government officials are expecting the exploration of petroleum products to be carried out round the clock with the arrival of the equipment. Big containers en route to the district from China have been stuck on the way due to narrow turning points along the Karnali and Mid-Hill highways. Efforts are underway to find a passage for those containers.

Around 150 containers have reportedly left Rupaidiya checkpoint in India for Dailekh carrying the exploration tools. The fixing of equipment that have already arrived is currently underway.

Chief District Officer of Dailekh Khimraj Bhusal regularly monitors the site. He said that the works of exploring the petroleum products have been expedited. He added that the government has initiated the process to address the demands of locals to provide jobs and financial support for the households affected by the project.

Dailekh Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Kul Bahadur Gurung said that the project is being implemented as per the G2G agreement between Nepal and China and it is expected to open up new avenues for Nepal's prosperity if turns successful. The drilling for the exploration will go up to four kilometers beneath the earth.

The drilling is expected to determine the quantity of petroleum products and gas storage. It will also determine the next course of action, Project Chief Dinesh Kumar Napit said.

The government has acquired 45 ropanis of land (one ropani is equivalent to 5476 sq. ft.) at Bhirkhet of Bhairabhi rural municipality-1 for the final survey and the land owners have already been provided with compensation. Twenty seven families received the compensation for the acquired land at the rate of Rs 175,000 per ropani. This survey is said to be significant in determining the volume of raw petroleum products and gas available in the area. -- RSS

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