Government to Invite Billionaires from Adani to Musk for the Investment Summit

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Government to Invite Billionaires from Adani to Musk for the Investment Summit

February 22: The Government of Nepal has sent invitation to rich and famous people of the world to participate in the Third Investment Summit to be held in Kathmandu on April 28 and 29.

According to Investment Board Nepal’s Spokesperson Pradyumna Prasad Upadhyay, invitation has been sent to 17 high-profile individuals of renowned foreign companies including Indian billionaires Gautam Adani and Mukesh Ambani; American billionaire and founder of Space X and Tesla, Alan Musk; Meta (Facebook) founder Mark Zuckerberg among others.

Upadhyay added that Nepali embassies abroad have been requested to help in informing foreign investors about the upcoming investment summit. Accordingly, the embassies have started sending the list of investors and high-profile individuals to the board.

The government expects around 1,000 people, including investors, heads of government, ministers of commerce and industry, domestic investors, and development partners to attend the summit. The board’s spokesperson Upadhyay said that there are 1,000 people on the guests’ list for the summit. Upadhyay said that all of them will be invited.

The prime minister, minister for finance, chief executive officer of the Investment Board are being corresponding with their counterparts abroad. According to spokesperson Upadhyay, correspondence has been started with investors through Nepal’s consul general in foreign countries, embassies, high-ranking officials of multinational companies operating in Nepal and private sector businessmen.

The Investment Summit Secretariat is currently working on correspondence. The prime minister, finance minister, CEO of Investment Board, and private sector businessmen will send invitation based on their personal acquaintance and relationship, so it is expected that investors and prime ministers of friendly countries will attend the summit.

Apart from investors, invitation will also be sent to the prime minister of India as well as high-ranking officials including the Minister for Industry and Commerce of South Korea and China to participate in the summit.

The board is also preparing to invite the heads of donor agencies that have been helping Nepal.

The government is busy in policy reforms and preparation of projects to be showcased during the summit.

Currently, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies is preparing to present bills to the cabinet for reforms in laws based on the recommendation made by the Policy, Law and Structural Reform Taskforce.

A technical committee formed under the coordination of the Secretary of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies is working on project compilation and listing. So far, a list of 115 projects has been prepared to be presented during the summit.



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