Sugar Industries Facing Sugarcane Shortage in Nawalparasi West

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Sugar Industries Facing Sugarcane Shortage in Nawalparasi West

February 15: Sugar industries in Nawalparasi West have been facing shortage of sugarcane, the main raw material for the industries. As a result, the sugar industries here have not been able to operate at full capacity.    
Since sugarcane production was not as expected in Nawalparasi West, the sugar industries are forced to purchase sugarcane from outside districts at higher cost.

Sunwal-based Lumbini Sugar Industry is purchasing sugarcane from Kapilvastu and Nawalparasi East. Head of administration of the industry, Kush Subedi, said that they were compelled to purchase sugarcane from other districts due to the lack of sufficient sugarcane production in the district. He said that the industry has purchased 15,000 quintals of sugarcane this year from Kapilvastu alone.    
Three big sugar industries in the district have said that they are not able to function as per their target due to the shortage of sugarcane.    
The Bagmati Khadsari Sugar Industry in Susta and Indira Sugar Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. in Pratappur also stated that they could not function at their full capacity due to lack of sugarcane. A total of four sugar factories are operating in the district.     
Meanwhile, the farmers are gradually turning to alternative crops for farming due to the non-payment for their produce for a long time. -- RSS

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