NEPSE Trading Halted as Index Surges 6% in Early Market Rally

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NEPSE Trading Halted as Index Surges 6% in Early Market Rally

December 10: The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) Index witnessed a massive surge, reaching 1963.98 points, marking a remarkable 6% increase or 112.20 points on the first trading day of the week, Sunday.

This sudden upswing in the NEPSE triggered multiple trading halts throughout the day, leading to the early closure of the market. The first pause occurred after just 5 minutes of trading, following a 4% rise in the index. This initial halt lasted for 20 minutes.

When trading resumed at 11:25 AM, the market experienced another pause just two minutes later, lasting 40 minutes, as the index climbed by 5%.

The final resumption at 12:07 PM saw a rapid 6% positive circuit within two minutes, resulting in the ultimate closure of the market for the day.

During the trading session, a total of 244 scrips were traded through 7,014 transactions, with 1,367,615 shares changing hands, amounting to Rs 48 crores in value.

 Five companies—Reliance Finance Limited (RLFL), Joshi Hydropower Development Limited (JOSHI), Rapti Hydro And General Construction Limited (RHGCL), Shuvam Power Limited (SPL), and Kalinchowk Darshan Limited (KDL)—each experienced a 10% rise, hitting the positive circuit for the day.

Mountain Energy Nepal (MEN) led in turnover with Rs 3.58 crores, while NMB Sulav Investment Fund-2 (NSIF2) incurred the highest loss at 1.97%.

In terms of sector indices, all sector indices closed in the green zone. The HydroPower Index saw the most significant gain at 8.63%, while the Mutual Fund Index had the smallest increase at 0.21%.


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