Coca-Cola Beverages Nepal Launches Coke Buddy App

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Coca-Cola Beverages Nepal Launches Coke Buddy App

December 8: Coca-Cola Beverages in Nepal has unveiled its "Coke Buddy" app, introducing a seamless and efficient ordering experience for retailers.

This innovative mobile application is designed to transform the distribution of Coca-Cola's extensive beverage portfolio, enabling retailers to place orders quickly and effortlessly through distributors, anytime and anywhere.

The Coke Buddy app represents a significant digital leap, connecting 256 distributors and 156,000 outlets across Nepal.

Its primary goal is to enhance communication and logistics within Coca-Cola Beverages Nepal, establishing real-time connectivity between distributors and outlets.

 This digital solution is poised to optimize supply chain management, enhance inventory visibility, and ensure a smooth experience for both distributors and retailers.

Deepak Nath Senthil, the Managing Director of Bottlers Nepal Limited, expressed the app's significance, stating, "Our Coke Buddy App allows distributors and retailers/outlets to connect and place orders with minimal effort, anywhere."

Key features of the Coke Buddy App include the ability to place orders at any time and from any location, one-minute ordering for swift transactions, real-time order management, inventory tracking, and support for promotions and marketing initiatives.

As prominent Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) entities in Nepal, Bottlers Nepal Limited and Bottlers Nepal Terai Limited are spearheading innovation to simplify business processes for all partners across the value chain.


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