Nepal Ready to Deploy 10,000 Troops for International Peacekeeping: DPM Khadka

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Nepal Ready to Deploy 10,000 Troops for International Peacekeeping: DPM Khadka

December 7: Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka affirmed Nepal's commitment to make available up to 10,000 military personnel upon the United Nations' request for peacekeeping missions worldwide.

Speaking at a UN ministerial-level conference on international peacekeeping in Ghana, DPM Khadka highlighted Nepal's fulfillment of most commitments related to global peacekeeping efforts, with ongoing efforts to meet the remaining ones.

Expressing gratitude to the Ghanaian government for hosting the summit, Khadka underscored Nepal's support for the 'Action for Peace' and 'Action for Peace Plus' programs initiated by the UN Secretary-General. He emphasized the programs' dedication to ensuring the security of both military personnel and civilians.

"DPM Khadka stated, "Nepal maintains a standby army for any unforeseen challenges, adhering to the norms and disciplines of peacekeeping forces. We uphold a zero-tolerance policy against sexual abuse and exploitation," during the extensive meeting.

Khadka highlighted Nepal's belief in enhancing coordination mechanisms among major stakeholders, including the TPCC, to optimize the effectiveness of peacekeeping efforts. He called for unity among all concerned parties to achieve targets through collaborative partnerships.

Furthermore, the Deputy Prime Minister disclosed Nepal's commitment to increasing the meaningful participation of women in military roles to align with the gender equality strategy outlined by the UN Secretary-General.

"We are dedicated to utilizing and promoting renewable energy to minimize environmental impact in peacekeeping missions. We actively use renewable energy in collaboration with UNMISS and training centers," he stated.

Nepal has been contributing continuously to UN peacekeeping missions since 1958, ranking as the second-largest contributor in terms of the number of security personnel deployed in peacekeeping missions globally. The summit, themed 'peace begins with me,' commenced on Tuesday, featuring representatives from around 90 countries.  (RSS)


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