Govt Confirms Death of Six Nepalis serving in Russian Army   

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Govt Confirms Death of Six Nepalis serving in Russian Army   

December 5: The government has confirmed the death of six Nepali citizens serving in the Russian Army. The Russian government has been urged to promptly send the bodies back to their homes and ensure compensation to the bereaved families.    
Issuing a press statement on Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the government has identified the deceased. The government has urged Russia not to recruit any Nepali citizens in its military force and if anyone is still serving, to return him/her to Nepal.    
Earlier on August 1, the government issued a notice stating that the government has no policy of approving the recruitment of any Nepali citizens in foreign military forces expect in the national army of a few friendly nations in accordance with the long-standing agreement.    
According to the ministry, it has received information about the demise of six Nepali citizens working for the Russian military force.    
The government has expressed condolences to the dead ones and expressed deep sympathies to their families.    
Those Nepalis dead while working for the Russian Army include Sandip Thapaliya of Gorkha, Rupak Karki of Kapilbastu, Dewan Rai of Kaski, Pritam Karki of Syangja, Raj Kumar Roka of Dolakha and Gangaraj Moktan of Ilam.    
Likewise, the ministry said that diplomatic initiatives are ongoing to repatriate one Bibek Khatri, who is held hostage in Ukraine.    
The ministry has urged Nepali nationals to receive approval letter to be issued from the Department of Consular Services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if they are travelling to Russia for other reasons except for government assignment, study purpose in Russian scholarship and businesses.    
The ministry has also urged Nepalis not to get recruited in the military service of the war-ravaged nations on the basis of false information or other's temptation. -- RSS

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