Himalayan Airlines Commences Direct Flight to Shanghai

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Himalayan Airlines Commences Direct Flight to Shanghai


December 3: Himalaya Airlines has commenced regular flights to the city of Shanghai, China, starting from December 2. A Himalaya Airlines aircraft, carrying 137 passengers, took off from Tribhuvan International Airport at 9:20 AM, destined for Shanghai. The same aircraft is scheduled to land at Kathmandu's airport at 9:00 PM on the same day, carrying passengers from Shanghai.

The Kathmandu-Shanghai flight is expected to last for 5 hours and 20 minutes. The airline plans to operate regular flights to Shanghai every Saturday morning. This marks the airline's inaugural flight to Shanghai. Along with Shanghai, the company has expanded its flight operations to various cities in China, including the capital, Beijing.

During a press conference today at Tribhuvan International Airport, Himalaya Airlines Vice Chairman Bijay Shrestha expressed confidence that direct flights would further strengthen the relationship between the two countries and attract an increased number of Chinese tourists to Nepal.

Shrestha emphasized the airline's commitment to elevating Nepal-China relations to new heights, fostering increased business collaboration and attracting more Chinese tourists. The Vice Chairman also expressed confidence in the capabilities of the Kathmandu-Shanghai air route in boosting confidence among Chinese travelers.

He mentioned that the airline had witnessed an increase in Chinese flights to Nepal post-COVID-19, and with the opening of border checkpoints, he anticipates a rise in both flights and tourist arrivals.

Pratap Babu Tiwari, the General Manager of Tribhuvan International Airport, mentioned that there has been a gradual expansion of flights from China to Nepal since the COVID-19 pandemic, with Himalaya Airlines contributing significantly.

Tiwari provided information that, recently, the Kathmandu airport has been witnessing the arrival and departure of approximately 15,000 passengers daily through international flights.


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