Migratory Birds Start Arriving in Chitwan   

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Migratory Birds Start Arriving in Chitwan   

November 24: Migratory birds from home and foreign countries have started flocking to the Chitwan National Park and nearby districts. The migration of such birds including ducks, hawks and kites takes place every year to avoid cold.

President of the Bird Education Society, Chitwan, Tikaram Giri said such birds have been spotted on the river banks and on water bodies. According to him, 12 to 15 species of ducks from foreign countries have been seen in the Narayani and Rapti rivers, and Riukhola.    
Stating that the birds started coming from August, he said many such migratory birds have already arrived while some others would reach by the end of November. Birds come to Chitwan even from the hill areas of Nepal to avoid cold, he said.    
Ornithologist Hem Sagar Baral said birds come to Nepal from countries like Siberia, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and China.

According to him, 100 of 150 species of birds that come to Nepal as visitors have arrived in Nepal this season so far. These birds would return from the south to the north after six months during the time of hatching, he said. These birds visit Nepal as the days are shorter and nights are longer in the northern hemisphere during winter, he said.    
Particularly, birds living in wetlands, grasslands, forests and farmlands visit Nepal during winter. There are 892 species of birds across Nepal with 650 species found in Chitwan alone.    
Rapti, Narayani and Riu rivers that runs through the CNP and wetlands in the surroundings are good habitats for water birds. -- RSS

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