Preparations Underway for Chhath Festival in Tarai Madhes Districts

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Preparations Underway for Chhath Festival in Tarai Madhes Districts

November 16: As the festival of lights, Deepawali, concludes, preparations for the Chhath festival are in full swing in the Tarai Madhes districts, including Dhanusha.

In Janakpurdham, various lakes and ponds are undergoing a special transformation with the enthusiastic support of locals and organizations gearing up for the Chhath festival. The banks of these water bodies are being meticulously cleaned to construct the Chhath ghats.

Highlighting the festival's significance in the Tarai Madhes region, Dr. Rajendra Bimal emphasized the decoration efforts around key locations such as Gangasagar Pond, Dhanush Sagar Pond, Argaja Pond, Maharasagar, Ratnasagar, Gordhoi, Aragajasar, Nocha Pokhari, Matkoraba Pokhari, and Dudhmati Ghat in Janakpurdham, the historic city of Mithilanchal.

As Chhath enthusiasts prepare for the festivities, markets are witnessing a surge in shoppers purchasing necessary articles and items for the upcoming celebrations.

Notably, the growing number of people participating in Chhath each year has contributed to increased demand, leading to a rise in prices, according to local resident Prameshwar Saha. The Chhath festival is set to culminate on November 19 this year, with associated rituals commencing three days prior.

 In Birgunj, similar preparations are underway, with ponds and lakes undergoing special decoration to create Chhath ghats for the various rituals and offerings associated with the festival.

Cleaning and adornment activities are evident in local landmarks such as Ghadiarba pond, Nagawapokhari, Chhapakaiya Pokhari, Shreepur, and Ranighat pond. (RSS)

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