NEA Calls Promotors of Hydropower Projects for PPA

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NEA Calls Promotors of Hydropower Projects for PPA

October 4: The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has issued a call to promoters of hydropower projects to engage in Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).  The NEA has set specific upper limits for run-of-river (ROR) and semi-reservoir (PROR) hydropower projects, namely 6,750 MW and 4,500 MW, respectively.

Furthermore, the NEA has outlined that the progression of the PPA process will be determined by the roll order, contingent on the completion date of the grid connection agreement with the NEA.

In an official notice published on Tuesday, the NEA has summoned promoter companies involved in the PPA process and the Electricity Regulatory Commission to review and finalize the draft PPA.

Additionally, they are required to submit the necessary authorizations, performance bank guarantees, and the PPA fee for the purpose of executing the agreement.

The notice specifies that failure to submit the application within the stipulated timeframe or to provide the requisite documents will result in the NEA removing the projects from the roll order.

Subsequently, the NEA will proceed with the PPA process for subsequent projects that have completed the grid connection agreement, following the established roll order.


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