Chocofun Starts New Advertising Campaign with the Slogan - Only Chocofun

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Chocofun Starts New Advertising Campaign with the Slogan - Only Chocofun

September 20: Sujal Foods Private Limited, a leading confectionery company of Nepal, has announced a new advertising campaign “Only Chocofun” for its popular wafer brand Chocofun.

Issuing a recent statement, the company said this campaign will run throughout the nation in ‘multiple media’.

The advertisement campaign with the slogan “Only Chocofun'' has been initiated with a message that Chocofun will “complete” all the beautiful moments of childhood, added the statement. The company claimed that Chocofun has been the primary choice of children in Nepal for over 20 years and the advertising campaign aims to manifest the certainty of Chocofun adding more colors in the happy moments of the lives of children.

According to the company, this advertisement will be broadcast in all the mediums like television, radio, digital media, social media and other publishing platforms.

“Only Chocofun touches the childhood memories of children. It gathers the different moments from their real life and present how they will be completed with the joy of Chocofun. It includes children interacting with each other, having the time of their life with the mouth melting Chocofun whereas some even claim Chocofun to be the savor of their success,” reads the statement.

The statement further said that Chocofun is the most popular production of Sujal Foods Private Limited, an ISO 22000:2018 certified company which has been in operation for the last forty years. The company claimed that Chocofun is produced by qualified confectioners using the state-of-the-art technologies following all the necessary hygienic regulations and health standards.

“The excellent crispy and crunchy wafer stands impeccable in terms of quality and taste.” 

Sujal Food Private Limited believes Only Chocofun campaign will successfully gain the place in the heart of customers and consumers. In addition to that, company also believes this campaign will forever enriches the love people have for Chocofun.




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