Karnali Government to Offer 17 Types of Subsidies to Farmers

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Karnali Government to Offer 17 Types of Subsidies to Farmers

September 18: The Karnali province government has announced its plan to provide 17 different types of subsidies this year in an effort to support and motivate farmers within the province.

These subsidies will be distributed as part of the approved program for the current fiscal year, 2080-81.

According to the provincial Directorate of Agriculture, these subsidies are open for application to farmers involved in agricultural business groups, agricultural cooperatives, entrepreneurs, and private firms.

The directorate has emphasized that agricultural subsidies will be specifically targeted towards Dalit women and individuals belonging to backward classes as part of the income generation program.

The subsidies will include a range of initiatives, including support for income-generating programs for people with disabilities, promotion of pulse crop cultivation, and the distribution of advanced seeds.

Chitra Bahadur Rokaya, Acting Director of the Directorate, highlighted that subsidies will also be extended to food crop seed production, beekeeping, tea cultivation, and the advancement of commercial agro businesses.

Furthermore, the directorate intends to provide subsidies for land rent and electricity tariffs. Rokaya elaborated that support will also be allocated for the selection, training, and engagement of agricultural technicians.

To be eligible for these subsidies, interested parties must meet specific criteria outlined in a notice issued by the directorate.

This includes providing official registration details of their organizations and firms, as well as details about their agricultural business schedules and other requisite documentation. (RSS)

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