Monsoon-Induced Disasters Resulted in 73 Casualties   

Disasters Cause Loss of Rs 15 Billion to Physical Infrastructures

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Monsoon-Induced Disasters Resulted in 73 Casualties   

August 31: Monson-induced disasters claimed the lives of 73 people in between June 14 and August 25 this year. The casualties were due to landslides, floods, heavy rains and lightning strikes.    
The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA) reported that 102 individuals sustained injuries as a result of these monsoon-triggered disasters while 20 have gone missing. NDRRMA Chief Executive Anil Pokhrel said the country witnessed 135 cases of floodings, 429 incidents of landslides, 116 occurrences of heavy rainfall, and 83 cases of lightning strikes in this period.    
Among the victims, 12 were killed by floods, 38 died in landslides, two died due to heavy rainfall and 21 were killed in lightning strikes.    
The monsoon has inflicted damages on various hydroelectricity projects, causing a total loss of around Rs 8.5 billion. It is said 17 under-construction projects with a combined capacity of 326.83 megawatts and 13 projects totaling 132.75 megawatts have been affected. Additionally, the monsoon disasters have caused significant damages to the infrastructure sector as well. It caused the loss of Rs 400 million when it damaged 29 highways, and the overall loss to physical properties has surpassed Rs 15 billion.    
Four motorable bridges and 22 suspension bridges were washed away in various parts of the country, causing the loss of around Rs 410 million. Furthermore, floods and landslides resulted in the damage of 28 federal drinking water projects, incurring a loss of around Rs 90 million. It is estimated that it would cost over Rs 10.55 billion to restore the damaged infrastructures. -- RSS  

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