One to Watch Announces Business Upliftment Plan to Support SMEs in Suryabinayak Municipality

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One to Watch Announces Business Upliftment Plan to Support SMEs in Suryabinayak Municipality

June 5: One to Watch, an investment management company, has announced the launch of its business upliftment plan for integrated local development (BUILD), a programme designed to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Suryabinayak Municipality for local economic development.

Issuing a recent statement, One to Watch (OTW) said it has partnered with Suryabinayak Municipality of Bhaktapur district to launch the BUILD programme. The programme aims to strengthen the capacity of the Suryabinayak Municipality to engage with the private sector and include the socio-economic impact generated by SMEs for an integrated local development process.

Supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation Program (SDC), BUILD will be jointly implemented by One to Watch and Suryabinayak Municipality.

Under this initiative, small and medium enterprises of Suryabinyak Municipality will get the opportunity to improve their business capacity through the execution of business development services (BDS), added the statement.

The statement further said that the application will be open till the 15th of July 2023. Entrepreneurs and SME founders who have registered their businesses in Suryabinayak Municipality are encouraged to apply and seize the opportunity, added the statement.

Out of the applicants, 20 selected growth-oriented and scalable businesses will be chosen to receive business development support services.

“The BDS activities will include but not be limited to master business classes, tailored sales and marketing support, financial and operational management advisory, regulatory compliance consultation, technology-adoption support, business plan development, expert networking opportunities, and fundraising opportunities,” reads the statement. 

According to One to Watch, BUILD is highly beneficial for businesses that are seeking advisory and consultation services to uplift their business potential.

“We recognize the socio-economic impact generated by SMEs, and the program promotes an integrated local development process that benefits both businesses and the community.”


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