Hackers Incur Huge Loss to Nepali Travel Agencies

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Hackers Incur Huge Loss to Nepali Travel Agencies

June 5: Nepal’s travels agencies that have been selling international air tickets through Global Distribution System (GDS) were hacked recently.    
A group of foreign hackers hacked the ticket sales system of the international air service company that resulted in the loss of millions of rupees.    
The hackers have incurred big loss to the Nepali travels agencies by sending them fake emails on behalf of foreign GDS Company and issuing the tickets.    
Among the Nepali companies bearing loss due to hacking include Deurali Travels, Cosmo Travels and C Link Travels.    
The foreign hackers were found to have issued tickets worth Rs 6 million to Rs 8 million from each company.    
Chairperson of Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA) Ramesh Thapa said that the foreign hackers issued tickets over the night by sending email to the Nepali travels companies on behalf of GDS Company.     
“It was found that hackers cheated the companies by sending fake email from GDS with logo. With this incident coming to light, Nepali travel companies are fearful,” he said.    
Chair Thapa further shared that the hackers were issuing most of the tickets to Morocco.    
The victim companies have already registered a case at the cyber bureau of Nepal Police. Anupa Budhathoki, general manager of Sewar Network Nepal that has been providing GDS service to Nepali travel companies said foreign hackers had incurred loss to Nepali ticket agencies by sending fake email in the name of GDS Company. -- RSS 

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