Test Flight of Paragliding Successful in Putalibazaar Syangja

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Test Flight of Paragliding Successful in Putalibazaar Syangja

June 4: Test flight of paragliding took place at Sataun Kot Putalibazaar-14, Syangja on Saturday. This initiative is part of a comprehensive feasibility study to explore the potential of paragliding in various locations within the district.

Jung KC, President of Babu Adventure Club, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of the test flight. With the support and coordination of Babu International Paragliding School, Babu Adventure Club, Technical Management of Roadside Paragliding, and Putalibazaar Municipality, the event was executed seamlessly.

KC stated, "The successful test flight of paragliding has paved the way for us to gradually prepare for commercial flights." The proximity of the take-off and landing points to the Siddharth Highway, which connects Sunauli to Pokhara, is expected to attract a growing number of paragliding enthusiasts to the area.

KC believes that the convenience of transportation and the captivating aerial views will contribute to the popularity of paragliding in the region.

Sataun Kot, located just an hour away from the renowned tourist city of Pokhara, offers both solo and tandem flights. The successful test flight has set the stage for the development of a paragliding industry in Putalibazaar.



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