India gives Clearance for ILS at Gautam Buddha International Airport   

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India gives Clearance for ILS at Gautam Buddha International Airport   

June 2: India has granted clearance for operation of Instrument Landing System (ILS) at the Gautam Buddha international Airport in Bhairahawa.    
Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who is currently on a four-day official to India, shared the information at a press conference held after a meeting with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi at the latter's office in New Delhi on Thursday.    
"I appreciate the Government of India for giving clearance for the operation of ILS at Gautam Buddha International Airport. This would help the country operate safer flights with full capacity," PM Dahal said.    
He added that Nepal is hopeful of operating flights to different cities of India from the newly-constructed Bhairahawa and Pokhara-based international airports.    
On the occasion, PM Dahal further shared that India was positive to provide additional air entry points.    
"We have requested Indian government to permit for air entry point from Mahendranagar".    
Though ILS was installed at Guatam Buddha international airport, it has not come into operation since a long time.    
General Manager of the Airport Hamsha Raj Pandey said aircraft can land in any weather condition based on instrument landing system from now onwards.    
Earlier, the aircraft used to cancel their flights in hazy and foggy weather condition when the ILS was not permitted by Indian side due to the airport’s close proximity with Nepal-India border.    
In normal condition it requires 1,500 meter visibility for the aircraft to land. But, with the new system in place, aircraft can land with visibility of 800-meter.    
The Gautam Buddha International Airport has come into operation since last year. -- RSS  

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