Rs 5.2 Million Defrauded By Promising Employment in Europe 

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Rs 5.2 Million Defrauded By Promising Employment in Europe 

May 31: In the name of sending to France and Serbia, more than 5.2 million rupees have been defrauded from different individuals.  According to the Metropolitan Police Crime Division in Kathmandu, two individuals involved in fraud have been arrested.

 DSP Milan KC said that Suresh Kumar Pakhrin, a 50-year-old residing in Sallaghari, Bhaktapur-13, and Niroj Budhathoki, hailing from Hariban Municipality-5 in Sarlahi and currently residing in Kathmandu, have been apprehended.

Pakhrin had defrauded 4 million rupees from four individuals, including Furpa Sherpa, by promising them employment in France. 
Pakhrin had stated that it would cost Rs 1.7 million for per person to reach to France and luring them with the temptation of earning a monthly salary of more than Rs 1 lakh rupees in a reputed company.

When the agents went out of contact after taking the money, the victims had filed the complaints with the Department of Foreign Employment.  As per the department’s written letter, the police arrested Pakhrin from Pulchowk, Lalitpur, on Tuesday. 

Similarly, Budhathoki from Sarlahi had swindled Pramod Sitaula and four other individuals of 1.2 million  rupees, promising them employment in Serbia. Budhathoki had demanded 550,000 rupees per person for the process and absconded with 1.2 million rupees. The police have apprehended him from Sinamangal, Kathmandu. 

Both arrestees have been sent to the Department of Foreign Employment for further investigation and necessary action, police said. 

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