16th Republic Day being Marked Today   

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16th Republic Day being Marked Today   

May 29: The 16th Republic Day is being marked nationwide by organizing several programmes today. The first-ever people-elected Constituent Assembly had proclaimed the federal democratic republican governance system in the country by officially abolishing the autocratic monarchy on May 28, 2008.    
The Republic Day is celebrated across the nation on Jetha 15 (May 29) every year in commemoration of the day the republican system was proclaimed on the backing of the historic people's movement of 2006 AD.    
The republic day is being marked commemorating the commencement of democratic republican system resting all state power on the people.    
On 24 April 2006, the then King Gyanendra Shah had reinstated the parliament that was dissolved on 22 May 2002. The republic system was set up in the country on the backing of the 2006 April Uprising. -- RSS

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