Health Ministry Tells Public to Stay Alert about Dengue   

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Health Ministry Tells Public to Stay Alert about Dengue   

May 28: The Ministry of Health and Population has urged the general public to remain cautious about dengue infection that goes rampant during the rainy season.    
Avoiding mosquito bites is best option to remain safe from the infection, said the ministry. The ministry has urged the people to wear clothes that cover all body parts, use mosquito nets and repellent, and destroy mosquito breeding areas to avoid mosquito bites.    
"Rainfall is taking place daily. Mosquitos lay eggs in ditches and containers filled with water. So, tidiness is essential," said Dr Gokarna Dahal, chief of the NTD and Vector Born Disease Control Section under the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division of the ministry.    
The Ministry has announced the launch of a campaign against the disease on Fridays. As part of the campaign, all government employees will tidy up the areas surrounding their respective office buildings on every Friday.    

So far, 88 people have died from the infection. A total of 701 people have been infected with dengue from December 2022 till date. In 2022, a total of 54,630 people were infected.    
According to available data, 32 infection cases were recorded in 2006 AD, 917 in 2010 AD, 686 in 2013 AD, 1,527 in 2016 AD, 2,111 in 2017 AD, 811 in 2018 AD, 17,992 in 2019 AD, 530 in 2020 AD and 540 in 2021 AD. -- RSS  

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