Facilities of Assembling Industries Should not be Curtailed: NADA

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Facilities of Assembling Industries Should not be Curtailed: NADA

May 25: The NADA Automobiles Dealers Association has taken strong exception to the government’s decision to curtail facilities such as tax exemption and other facilities for vehicle assembling industry. NADA said its attention has been drawn to the decision taken by the government for the upcoming fiscal year’s budget.

NADA recalled that the government arranged various exemptions and facilities for the establishment of the vehicle assembling industry considering the demands placed by NADA. According to NADA, some of the vehicle manufacturing and assembling industries in Nepal are in operation and some are in the process of being established. 

As per NADA, when a vehicle assembling industry is established in Nepal itself, the general public will get vehicles at a cheaper price, more jobs will be created and foreign technology will also be transferred to Nepal, which will greatly help in the development of Nepali technicians.

NADA expressed its concerns because many other industries are dependent on vehicle assembling plant.

“If the government comes up with a policy to curtail facilities while underestimating such facts, not only will the investment of industrialists investing in such assembling industries sink, but the industrialization of Nepal will definitely lag behind.”

NADA has requested the government to adopt a policy to further encourage the vehicle assembling industry while formulating the budget.


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