30 Individuals Sued in Fake Bhutanese Refugee Scam

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30 Individuals Sued in Fake Bhutanese Refugee Scam

May 25: Kathmandu District Attorney Office has filed a charge sheet against 30 individuals in fake Bhutanese refugee scam at the District Court.

Out of the accused, 16 have been apprehended, while 14 others remain at large. District Attorney Mahesh Khatri said that arrest warrants would be issued for the absconding individuals, and their assets and properties  would be frozen pending investigation.

The accused individuals are Keshav Prasad Dulal, Sanu Bhandari, Sagar Rai, Sandesh Sharma, Tankakumar Gurung, Indrajit Rai, Top Bahadur Rayamajhi, Sandeep Rayamajhi, Tekanarayan Pandey, Narendra KC, Bikram also known as Govindakumar Chaudhary, Ramsharan KC, and Balkrishna Khan.

Other accused include Angtawa Sherpa, Shamsher Miya, Tekanath Rijal, Keshav Tuladhar, Laxmi Maharjan, Bhakta Maharjan, Ashok Pokharel, Dhiren Rai, Deepa Humagai, Niraj Rai, Rajesh Aryal, Mohanraj Rai, Ashish Budathoki, Binita Savden Limbu, Niranjankumar Kharel, Sunil Budathoki, and Pratik Thapa. 

With the registration of the charge sheet, the court proceedings have begun, with statements being recorded and pleas being heard to determine whether the arrested individuals should be remanded in custody for further investigation.

The accused face charges for their alleged involvement in fraud, document forgery, organised crime and treason. Those holding public positions will also face charges under anti-corruption and money laundering laws.

District Attorney Khatri disclosed that the sued individuals are being pursued for the recovery of over Rs 270 million.  The charges of fraud and forgery carry a maximum sentence of seven years, while involvement in crimes against the state may result in up to five years of imprisonment.

Additionally, appropriate legal provisions will be applied to those implicated in organized crime.



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