Ranke-Rabi-Bhedetar Road Sees Dismal Progress In 50 Months

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Ranke-Rabi-Bhedetar Road Sees Dismal Progress In 50 Months


March 27: The construction of Ranke-Rabi-Bhedetar road linking four districts of eastern Nepal has hardly made 25 percent progress in 50 months. 

The road project had to be completed some 14 months back. Still, the tasks related to track expansion, wall construction and other foundational works are continuing. 

According to Chief Bidur Pokharel of Federal Road Division Office Ilam, only 18 percent progress was made on the road construction in four years. “Contractor Company expedited construction work in the last three months,” Pokharel said.

Track expansion and wall construction are underway in the 28-km of Ranke-Rabi road section. Likewise, blacktopping is underway in the Budhabare Bazaar-Bhedetar section, Division Chief Pokharel added.

 “The Contractor Company has expressed the commitment to complete blacktopping of 50-km out of 101-km road within 2023,” Pokhrael informed. 

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