Construction Works in Manang Resume with the End of Winter

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Construction Works in Manang Resume with the End of Winter

March 23: With the end of winter, construction of infrastructure has started in the Himalayan district of Manang. The infrastructure office informed that the construction work, which was halted due to the cold weather, has once again gained momentum. The head of the office Jay Bista said that the construction work which was stopped due to extreme cold has now started. Due to the extreme cold weather in the district, the construction work of the physical infrastructures damaged by the continuous rainfall last year was halted.

Chief District Officer Suprabha Khanal Dhungel said that the construction of roads, bridges and hydropower in Upper Manang which had been stopped earlier has resumed now.

Chief Engineer Bista said that development work is going on in Chame, Nason, Narpabhumi and Ngisyang Rural Municipality of the district.

"Due to the extreme cold in winter, the infrastructure construction work in upper Manang could not be done, but now it has started. The work here can only be done for a total of three months in a year," said Bista.

According to him, construction of such a retaining wall, drain construction, road maintenance are being done under the road construction work. He said that the work stopped by the cold is now being done intensively with the aim of making things easier before the onset of the rainy season.

The construction work of the Chame-Bensisahar road section, which is the lifeline of Manang, has also been accelerated since the weather has been favorable. For the construction of this road section, the budget has been allocated annually under the multi-year plan. The government has been allocating budget specifically for road construction and development to facilitate transportation in the district.


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