Prices of Maize, Wheat, Rice Drop Worldwide 

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 Prices of Maize, Wheat, Rice Drop Worldwide 

March 15: Prices of maize, wheat and rice have dropped throughout the world. Prices of food items such as maize, wheat and rice fell in the two weeks before March 9, according to the World Bank.

Corn prices are down by six percent in the review period, compared to the two weeks ago. Wheat prices have fallen by 7 percent, while the value of the rice is down by two percent. 

During the same period last year, the price of the wheat was cheaper by 15 percent though. Prices of maize and wheat have become dearer by 24 and 7 percent  respectively compared to the January of 2021, said the  World Bank. Rice, however, has become cheaper by 3 percent.

Prices of agricultural products and food have dropped by 2 and 5 percent respectively compared to the value of two weeks ago. (Agencies) 

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