Community Campuses Face Financial Crisis in Parbat 

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Community Campuses Face Financial Crisis in Parbat 

January 24: Community campuses are experiencing a financial crisis in Parbat district. Plummeting students’ number and lack of government grant have put a total of 12 public colleges under financial strains. 

Gupteswor and Shivalaya Multiple Campuses located at Parbat headquarters and Shankarpokhari Multiple Campus, Bahaki Campus, Janaat Sudarshan Campus, Navajagrit Campus, among others, located in rural areas have a minimum number of pupils. 

As a result, colleges have failed to collect fees from students as expected for their operation. 
 Student number has plunged as some students have left for overseas for foreign employment, while others have gone outside the district to pursue education.

“We are having a hard time running the campus due to the low number of students and fall of the government grant for the campus”, shared Campus Chief Suvash Panta of Gupteswor Multiple Campus.

Shivalaya Multiple Campus Management Committee’s Chairman Bishnu Newar said that they had to face the financial crunch for lack of the campus’ credible source of income. 

Newar complained that they were operating the campus seeking help from various organizations at the request of party leaders, and playing deusi and bhailo. 
Tribhuvan University is yet to give permission of constituent campus to Gupteswor Campus, which is struggling financially for lack of a sustainable source of income. The college is hardly able to meet lecturers’ salary, infrastructure development, and miscellaneous expenses.

Gupteswor Multiple Campus receives Rs 1.3 million annually, which is hardly enough to pay for the salary of two professors. 
Established in 2041 BS, Prabat Multiple Campus has a debt of Rs 15 million for want of source of income.

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