Government ready for policy-level reform to systematise Remittance, says Finance Minister Poudel 

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Government ready for policy-level reform to systematise Remittance, says Finance Minister Poudel 

January 22: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Bishnu Prasad Poudel said the government is ready for policy-level and legal reforms to systematise the remittance inflow to the country. 

In his virtual address to a programme entitled ‘Remittance and Investment in Nepal’ organised by the Overseas Nepali Forum, the United States of America on Saturday night, the Minister Poudel said that the government was ready to bring in the remittance through legal channel and create conducive atmosphere for investment in productive sectors. 

 “We have not been able to receive a large chunk of remittance through an official route and the government is ready to take measures to usher in remittance through such channels,”  Poudel said. He stressed the need to revise the policy - level and legal hurdles for the same.

Stating that the government’s attention had been drawn towards the concerns of citizenship raised by the non-resident Nepalis, Poudel  said, “The constitution has made provisions to provide citizenship to the non-resident Nepali with socio-economic rights and government will do the needful to implement the provision as guaranteed in the country's statute". 

On the Act Related to Foreign Investment and Technology that considers non-resident Nepali as the foreign national, Poudel pledged to address the problem at the earliest. 

Saying that his attention had been drawn towards the requirement for non-resident Nepalis to obtain visa while coming to Nepal, Minister Poudel assured that the issue would be sorted out with resolution of citizenship issues. 

Minister Poudel appreciated NRN overseas’ big contribution to Nepal’s economic development and prosperity.

Reiterating that Nepal is a safe destination for investment and high return prospect, Poudel urged the NRNs to share this message with investors around the globe to invest in Nepal.

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