Tavisi: New e-commerce platform curated for women launched

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Tavisi: New e-commerce platform curated for women launched


January 2: Tavisi The Story Private Limited recently launched its website www.tavisinepal.com. The website www.tavisinepal.com is a collaborative and inclusive e-commerce platform and digital magazine company determined to transform the online retail and media space in Nepal. 
A Sanskrit word, Tavisi, denotes strength, power and courage. Tavisi aims at promoting honest, candid, and open conversations. It aims to build a community of like-minded individuals - one purchase, one story at a time. 

Co-founded by Palas Joshi, and Sahara Joshi, Tavisi integrates an e-commerce website ‘Tav the Shop’ with a digital magazine ‘Tav the Story’. Tav the Shop is a one-stop solution for women enhancing ease of access to curated quality products and authentic information helping customers to make an informed decision. 

Especially curated for women, currently, Tav The Shop provides an assorted collection of quality products from 11 local and 34 international brands. The e-commerce website consists of products from different segments,  including beauty, fashion, mom and baby, healthy living and home and décor as well as gifts from we love section. 
One of the major attractions of Tavisi is the jute packaging along with delivery. 
Motivated by the circular economy model, Tav packaging embraces sustainable packaging methods with the intention to elongate the lifespan of the material, and decrease the demand for new packaging product. 
Customers have two options: either to return the jute bag to the delivery person so Tavisi can continue reusing the bag for their deliveries or to buy the jute bag for a price of Rs. 260 and reuse it for further shopping. 

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