Japan Extends Grant Assistance for Setting Up Turmeric Processing Centre in Pyuthan   

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Japan Extends Grant Assistance for Setting Up Turmeric Processing Centre in Pyuthan   

December 10: The Government of Japan has decided to provide grant assistance of Rs 10 million for the construction of a turmeric processing centre in Pyuthan district. Japan’s Ambassador to Nepal, Yutaka Kikuta, signed a grant agreement in this regard with Shiva Rimal, president of the Volunteer Nepal National Group, for the construction of a new turmeric processing centre and the provision of agricultural equipment in Pyuthan district.    
The signing ceremony was held at the Embassy of Japan in Kathmandu on Friday (December 9).    
The project is funded under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) of the Japanese government and involves a grant of USD 81,180 (approximately NPR 10 million). The project will help in setting up the processing centre for the production, processing, and commercialization of turmeric, the Embassy of Japan said in a press statement.    
“Currently, more turmeric is imported than is produced domestically. Local turmeric farmers are not able to earn much profit due to the lack of domestic work centres to commercialize the product. The project was planned to improve this situation and generate income for farmers,” the statement added.    
The Volunteer Nepal National Group has been working to improve the livelihoods of farmers. According to the statement, the project will be jointly managed by Pyuthan Municipality Ward 8, local farmers, and the Volunteer Nepal National Group.    
The Embassy of Japan believes that this project will improve the environment for production of turmeric and also enhance the livelihoods of the local farmers in Pyuthan district.

“We hope that this agricultural assistance will enhance the friendship between the peoples of Japan and Nepal now and for future generations,” the statement further said.    

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