Vote Counting Under Proportional Representation Over

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Vote Counting Under Proportional Representation Over

December 7: Counting of votes for the House of Representatives and provincial assemblies under the proportional representation system has come to an end.

Election Commission Spokesperson Shalikram Sharma Poudel confirmed that vote counting in the proportional representation category has been over. According to the EC, as many as 1,056,0082 votes were counted in the PR category.

Out of the total votes counted, the CPN-UML has secured 2,845,641 votes while the Nepali Congress has garnered 2,715,225 votes followed by the CPN-Maoists Center with 1,175,684 votes and Rastriya Swatantra Party with 1,130,344 votes.

Spokesperson Poudel said that Election Commission would send letters to the parties about the election results. Earlier, the parties had submitted the closed list of candidates to the commission under the PR category prior to the November 20 polls. As per the closed list, candidates will be elected in the proportional representation.

As per the votes garnered in proportional representation, CPN-UML will get 34 seats in the lower house of the federal parliament while the Nepali Congress will be allocated 32 seats. Likewise, CPN-Maoists Center will receive 14 seats whereas Rastriya Swatantra Party will attain 13 seats in the House of Representatives. Similarly, Rastriya Prajatantra Party will get seven seats while Janata Samajwadi Party and Janamat Party each will obtain 5 seats in the lower house.

CPN-Unified Socialists have failed to cross the threshold of 300,000 votes despite winning 10 seats in the first-past-the post electoral system. This means that the party will not be recognized as a national party.




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