Twelve Construction Companies Blacklisted   

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Twelve Construction Companies Blacklisted   

November 30: Twelve construction companies have been blacklisted for not completing development projects in time.    
The Public Procurement Monitoring Office in a notice issued on Wednesday has banned the blacklisted companies from their involvement in the public procurement process for a definite timeframe.    
The blacklisted companies include Bharat-Saptakoshi JV Kathmandu, Haigriwa-Siddhi Sai Prakash JV, Highway Construction Pvt Ltd, Bidhi Builders Pvt Ltd, Saibaba & Tara Construction, Anukul Nirman Sewa, Panchkhal Construction Pvt Ltd and Prabhu Nirmal Sewa. Similarly, other companies blacklisted by the PPMC include Siddijanak Construction and Suppliers Pvt Ltd, SSK Construction Service Pvt Ltd, Surmadevi Construction, Nilgiri National Canon JV, National Development Service Pvt Ltd, and Canon Construction Pvt Ltd.

The Road Division Office, Butwal recommended the blacklisting of the Bharat-Saptakoshi JV operated by Hom Nath Gautam for two years. The Haigriwa-Siddhi Sai run by Dependra Bahadur Shahi and Narendra Pradhan, which delayed the Ranijamara-Kulariya Irrigation Project, was put on a blacklist for two years. The Highway Construction Pvt Ltd based in Chitwan and operated by Narayan Subedi was blacklisted for one year on the recommendation of Hetauda Metropolitan City.    
Similarly, Kathmandu-based Bidhi Builders Pvt Ltd run by Biplov Pokhrel was also blacklisted for one year upon the recommendation of the Shahid Gangalal National Heart Center, Bansbari.    
The Saibaba and Tara Construction based in Khalanga, Jajarkot operated by Sanjaya Kumari Rana (Shah) was blacklisted for one year upon the recommendation of Tokha Municipality.    
The Nepal Agricultural Research Council recommended the blacklisting of Anukul Sewa run by Tilak Bahadur Bhandari for one year.    
The Panchkhal Construction operated by Prem Prasad Adhikari based in Kathmandu was placed in the blacklist for one year upon the recommendation of the Tourism Development Project, Hetauda.    
The Directorate of Water Supply, Irrigation and Energy Development, Surkhet recommended the blacklisting of Surkhet-based Prabhu Construction Sewa run by Resham Bahadur Shah for one year.    
Siddijanak Construction and Suppliers Pvt Ltd has been blacklisted for a year upon the recommendations of Uttargaya Rural Municiwpality in Rasuwa district. Siddibabu Regmi is the proprietor of this company.    
SSK Construction Service Pvt Ltd has been blacklisted for a year upon the recommendation of Kapilvastu Municipality. Safiur Rahman is its proprietor.    
Surmadevi Construction of Kailali district has been blacklisted upon the recommendation of Agriculture Development Directives in Doti district. The company is owned by Mina Kumari Sharma Koirala.    
Another company blacklisted for a year is Nilgiri National Canon JV. The company owned by Yuwaraj Dangi was blacklisted upon the recommendation of Road Division Office, Chandranigahapur in Rautahat district.    
Dhan Kumar Thapa's National Development Service Pvt Ltd and Gaurav Pudasaini’s company Canon Construction Pvt Ltd have been blacklisted for a year.    
During the blacklisted period, the blacklisted companies cannot partake in the procurement process of public offices and agencies.  --  RSS

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