Birgunj Customs Office Fails to Meet Revenue Collection Target   

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Birgunj Customs Office Fails to Meet Revenue Collection Target   

November 30: Revenue collection from Birgunj Customs Office is in the decreasing trend in the first quarter of the current fiscal year.    

Revenue collection of the country’s major customs office was 85 percent of the target in the first month (mid-July to mid-August) of the current fiscal year while it struggled to meet the target, which dropped to 60 percent in the fourth month (mid-October to mid-November)
The office collected Rs 12.99 billion against the target of Rs 15.2 billion in mid-July to mid-August.    
In mid-August to mid-September, Rs 14.14 billion was collected despite its target of Rs 19.29 billion, Information Officer of Birgunj Customs Office Sumit Gupta said.    
Likewise, revenue collection from Birgunj customs point remained short of Rs 9.38 billion in mid-September to mid-October. In the third month of the current fiscal year, the office had set a target to collect Rs 21.88 billion but it collected just Rs 12.49 billion.    
In mid-October to mid-November, the office achieved just 60 per cent of its target collecting Rs 12.92 billion against the target of Rs 21.65 billion.    
Information Officer Gupta said that the government’s decision to ban imports of 10 goods that contribute the most to the revenue collection led to a decline in revenue collection.    
Compared to the last fiscal year, revenue collection from the import of petroleum products has decreased by 74 per cent and 69 per cent from the import of vehicles. -- RSS  

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