Government Preparing a 10-year Industrial Policy

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Government Preparing a 10-year Industrial Policy

November 25: The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply has said that it is making necessary preparations to draft a 10-year industrial policy. The ministry informed that industrialization is necessary for economic stability and that it is working on making an industrial policy for the next decade.

Commerce Secretary, Dr Toynarayan Gyawali, made such announcement on the eve of the Industry Day.

The government is celebrating the eighth Industry Day today (Friday) with the theme 'Industrial Investment and Infrastructure: A Strong Foundation for Prosperity'.

Similarly, Dr Gyawali said that the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies facilitates the industrialists and the construction of industrial infrastructure while plans are underway to support the industries. He said that the ministry is committed to solving the problems of the industry and business sectors. On that occasion, Gyawali also said that the government is positive to give concessions to the members who join the 'Make in Nepal, Swadeshi' campaign launched by the Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI).

Director General of the Department of Industries, Ramchandra Tiwari, said that the CNI has moved forward after intensive study for the development of the industrial sector and said that the government expects similar efforts from the private sector. He thinks that industrial development can be achieved by working together with the private sector.

Bishnu Kumar Agarwal, president of CNI, requested concessions for the members involved in the 'Make in Nepal, Swadeshi' campaign. He pointed out the need for concessions by giving the example of the 'Make In' campaign being conducted under the leadership of the government in India, Australia and other countries. The 'Make in Nepal, Swadeshi' campaign is being conducted under the initiative of the CNI.

The government has also mentioned that it will support this campaign through the budget. Agarwal said that by giving concessions to the products associated with the campaign, the consumption and export of domestic products will be encouraged. He also emphasized that the Ministry of Industry should become a 'focal ministry' for industrialists.


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