SSF to Provide One Million Rupees to Contributors for Treatment of Fatal Diseases

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SSF to Provide One Million Rupees to Contributors for Treatment of Fatal Diseases

September 23: The government has approved two work procedures related to the Social Security Fund. The Ministry of Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security on Thursday approved the Social Security Scheme Operation Procedure, 2075 (Third Amendment) and Contributors’ Children Scholarship Operation Procedure, 2079, according to the officials of the SSF.

The Social Security Scheme Operation Procedure, 2075 will be implemented on the 91st day from the date of the approval of the third amendment. Under this scheme, the SSF will provide up to Rs 1 million for the treatment of 10 fatal diseases to the contributors. The fund will provide the contributors with expenses for the treatment of coronary artery bypass or open heart surgery, stroke, kidney disease, cancer, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, spinal injury, head injury, sickle cell anemia and hemophilia or thalassemia.

Contributors who have contributed to the fund for two consecutive years will receive treatment expenses of up to Rs 1 million for the treatment of those diseases throughout the service period. The terminal illness treatment facility will remain in effect for two years after any contributor ceases to contribute to the fund. 

According to Bivek Panthi, the spokesperson of SSF, special arrangements have been made so that the contributors who receive pension under the old age security scheme of the fund can use the facilities related to terminal diseases for seven years after retirement.

The SSF informed that arrangements have been made to provide such medication facilities to the  husband or wife of the contributor as well. During the three years of operation of the contribution-based social security program, the SSF has been continuously improving various schemes while paying attention to the interests of the contributors.

Likewise, the Contributors ‘Children Scholarship Operating Procedure, 2079 has arrangement for awarding scholarships to a total of 84 children of contributors in the fields of medical science, engineering, nursing, forestry, agricultural science and hotel and travel management every year. Twelve people from each province will receive the scholarship every year. The Contributors Children Scholarship Program will be implemented from the next academic session. A maximum of scholarship of Rs 500,000 per student will be provided to the eligible candidates.

The SSF expressed its commitment to continue such programs in the future as well. So far, 17,417 employers and 364,741 contributors have been listed in the fund. The fund has collected Rs 23.40 billion from the contributors. Likewise, the fund has paid Rs 2.26 billion in claims.




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