SEBON Seeks Applications to Issue Three Types of Licenses

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SEBON Seeks Applications to Issue Three Types of Licenses

September 19: The Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) has sought applications to issue license for a new stock exchange company, securities brokers and commodity exchange market.

The board issued a notice on Sunday seeking for applications to issue three types of licenses. The board has informed that a new stock exchange company can submit application within 45 days while the applicants for commodity exchange market and broker license need to apply within 30 days since the publication of the notice.

SEBON Chairman Ramesh Kumar Hamal informed that the board will issue licenses for one stock exchange company and two commodity exchanges. Hamal said that the number of broker licenses has not been disclosed as they are preparing to distribute broker licenses to all those who meet the specified criteria. According to him, three types of broker licenses will be distributed based on the capital structure.

Hamal said that SEBON has set a minimum capital of Rs 200 million, and a maximum of Rs 1.5 billion for the new broker license and a capital of Rs 3 billion for new stock exchange company. 

Hamal believes that after the addition of the new stock exchange company, there will be competition in service delivery and the quality of the securities market will improve and be accessible to all the investors. According to Hamal, the general investors will also get an investment opportunity as there is a provision for the general public to get shares worth Rs 90 million in the new stock exchange company. The new stock exchange company with a capital of Rs 3 billion will have 70 percent ownership of the founders, and 30 percent of the general public.

At present, 50 broker companies are operating in Nepal. The board has made preparations to grant broker licenses to all those who fulfill the prescribed criteria for increasing access to the secondary securities market. Since there is a provision that the broker license should be distributed only after three years from the first time, the board has prepared to give a license to everyone who fulfills the criteria this time.




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