11:51 am Auspicious Period for Dashain Tika   

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11:51 am Auspicious Period for Dashain Tika   

September 18: The Nepal Calendar Determination Committee, the authorised body of Nepal to decide dates and times for Hindu festivals, has determined 11:51 am on October 5 as the auspicious hour to receive Dashain tika and blessings this year.    
The auspicious time for immersing the statue of goddess Durga is at 10:34 am the same day, according to the committee.    
“Although one can offer and receive tika and blessings throughout the day, the auspicious hour for it is determined at 11:51 am,” said Prof Shree Krishna Adhikari, chairperson of the committee.

Tika is a mixture of rice grains, red vermillion and curd, which is put on the forehead as a blessing from goddess Durga on the 10th day of the Dashain festival.    
Similarly, the auspicious time for Ghatasthapana, the first day of the Dashain festival, is 10:23 am on September 26. Ghatasthapana is the auspicious occasion wherein sacred Jamara or the newly germinated barley or maize shoots that are put behind the ears or on the head as an auspicious items, are grown.  -- RSS  

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