Nepal Telecom Starts Distributing Free e-SIM   

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Nepal Telecom Starts Distributing Free e-SIM   

September 16: Nepal Telecom has announced the distribution of e-SIM to its customers starting from September 15. The state-owned telecom company has decided to distribute free e-SIM from its counter in Sundhara, Kathmandu.    
Postpaid and prepaid customers of the company who are currently using SIM cards can change such physical cards into e-SIMs for free, said NT spokesperson Shovan Adhikari. Customers will however need a mobile set that supports e-SIM.    
Existing customers of Nepal Telecom who have mobile sets that support e-SIM will have to fill and submit the required form to get the e-SIM. Apart from mobile sets, e-SIM can be used in other wearable devices like smart watches. -- RSS  

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