Sauraha's Tourism Business Returning Back on Track

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Sauraha's Tourism Business Returning Back on Track

September 9: Sauraha, one of the preferred tourist destinations of the country that was affected by Covid-19, is about to return back to normalcy. Tourism entrepreneurs, who have been affected by the pandemic for a long time, are hoping that arrival of tourists will increase as the festive season approaches. They are also announcing discount packages targeting the festivals.

Deepak Bhattarai, president of the Regional Hotel Association Nepal, Sauraha, said that foreign tourists along with domestic tourists have also started arriving of late. According to him, the tourism business of Sauraha has started to flourish for some time and now domestic tourists are flocking to the hotels, pubs and restaurants.

Bhattarai informed that as the festive season approaches, internal and external tourists have started booking hotels and the businessmen are enthusiastic as tourists have started coming.

"Covid-19 pandemic has affected not only Chitwan, but the tourism sector of entire Nepal," he said, adding, "We had to close the hotel for almost two years, now we are gradually operating the hotels." Bhattarai said that 200,000 domestic and foreign tourists visited Sauraha last year alone.

"Now the tourism sector is gradually catching up. The festival has started and the number of tourists will increase," said Bhattarai.

Yogesh Adhikari, vice president of the regional hotel association Sauraha, said that foreign tourists have not come even though the season has started. He said, "Until Chinese tourists arrive, the tourism sector will not pick up pace."

According to him, Indian tourists have arrived here since for some time, but not like before the pre-pandemic period.


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