Hardik Fitness Club Celebrating Silver Jubilee this Month

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Hardik Fitness Club Celebrating Silver Jubilee this Month

August 5: Hardik Fitness Club is celebrating its silver jubilee this month, which according to the club is a journey fraught with many obstacles, defeat and triumph.

Over the last twenty five years, Hardik Fitness Club has evolved with the changing times and kept up with new trends and technologies, the club said in a statement.

While the fitness industry has transformed immensely in the last three decades, the club said its goals and objectives have not changed.

“We remain committed to providing affordable yet state-of-the-art fitness services to our valuable members and continually seek to raise our standards,” the statement said, adding, “Fitness to us is more than just pumping iron at the gym. It is an attitude, a code, a way of being. It is an unwavering commitment to show up and get after it regardless of the weather or the circumstances of life.”

The club also thanked its ‘loyal’ customers acknowledging that its success owes much to the trust shown by the club members

“Passion, loyalty, dedication and hard work have been vital to the success of this organization and we’re still here, 25 years later, pushing through with a vision to become the best we can be everyday,” added the statement.

On the occasion, the club also announced 25 percent discount for annual membership for the first 25 members joining the club between August 7 to 13.

The club has also offered 15 percent discount for all other customers.





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