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Nepal has 459 Commercial Pilots

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Nepal has 459 Commercial Pilots

June 22: The number of pilots working in airline companies in Nepal has reached 459. Those pilots and co-pilots are currently rendering services for 10 airline companies including helicopter operators.

A study report on the implementation of air security in Nepal prepared by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation states that the 459 pilots are currently engaged with the airline companies of Nepal.

According to the report, 408 people are working as pilots and co-pilots flying 75 aircraft operated by 10 airliners.

Of them, 205 are pilots, and the rest are co-pilots.

Private airline Buddha Air has the largest number of pilots and co-pilots. Buddha Air has 63 pilots and 62 co-pilots operating flights with 15 aircraft. However, Buddha Air has not been able to improve flight safety standard as in previous years. In 2021, Buddha Air's flight safety standard was measured at 74 per cent against 79 percent in 2019.

The state-owned Nepal Airlines Corporation is the second-largest recruiter of pilots and co-pilots. The company flies 14 fixed-wing aircraft and has 31 pilots and 41 co-pilots. Nepal Airlines has also been weak in improving flight safety standard. In 2021, its flight safety standard dropped from 77 per cent to 64 per cent.

Similarly, Shree Airlines has 36 pilots and co-pilots. The company operates 15 fixed-wing aircraft. According to the report, its security has also declined. In 2021, the company's flight safety standard dropped to 64 per cent.

Likewise, Yeti Airlines has 38 pilots and co-pilots and operates flights with five fixed-wing aircraft. There has been a significant improvement in in-flight safety of the company. Yeti's security has improved from 69 per cent in 2019 to 79 per cent in 2021.

Similarly, Himalayan Airlines has four Airbus A-320 narrow-body aircraft and has 44 pilots and co-pilots. Himalayan Airlines has seen an improvement in the company's flight safety. In 2021, the company's flight safety standard reached 87 per cent.

Besides, there also helicopter pilots with 10 different helicopter companies. Of them, 13 are foreign pilots. Air Dynasty has the highest number of pilots which stands at 10.


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