Production and Sales of Red Mushroom begins in Kathmandu

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Production and Sales of Red Mushroom begins in Kathmandu

June 19: Commercial production and sale of ganoderma, a red mushroom with multi-medicinal value, has started in Kathmandu. The mushroom costs Rs 20,000 per kg. The mushroom, which is produced by Bhairav Mushroom Industries Pvt Ltd in Tansen is sold and distributed in the market by Balaju-based Gurans Khadya Udhyog.

Ganoderma is a fungus with medicinal properties. Its consumption is believed to increase immunity. Due to its enhancing effects on health and life expectancy, the mushroom has been widely used for medicinal purpose. Chairman of Bhairav ​​Mushroom Industry Keshav Bahadur Karki informed that the red mushroom is produced in a modern lab to be sold in the market.

“Because of the medicinal properties of this mushroom, it is believed that its consumption can cure even deadly diseases like cancer and HIV, so it is sold at a high price,” said Karki.  

According to him, this mushroom is also found in the forests of Nepal. Although it costs up to Rs 20,000 per kg when sold dry, now it is available at Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 per kg when sold fresh due to the ease in production with the development of technology.

The red mushroom is shaped like a spread fan. This mushroom is not as soft and sweet as other species of mushrooms. It is as hard as wood and tastes bitter, so it cannot be consumed by cooking like other mushrooms. Thus, as an alternative, it can be dried and boiled in water to consume the juice as tea.

The red mushroom contains medicinal elements such as polysaccharides, organic germanium and amino acids. It also constitutes of protein, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, and other nutrients. These elements reportedly increase the resistance in our body and strengthen the immune system. It is believed that consumption of this mushroom also benefits patients suffering from various diseases. Due to its medicinal and nutritional value, the use of this fungus is said to be increasing all over the world.


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