Government Increases Budget for Agriculture by Rs 10 Billion

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Government Increases Budget for Agriculture by Rs 10 Billion

May 29: The government has increased the budget for agriculture and livestock development in upcoming fiscal year by  Rs 10 billion.

As per the announcement made by Finance Minister Janardan Sharman while presenting the budget for the upcoming fiscal year in parliament on Sunday, the government has allocated a total of Rs 55.97 billion for this sector.

The budget allocated for the agriculture and livestock sector in the current fiscal year is Rs 45.9 billion.

The government had earlier made public its policies and programmess for the upcoming fiscal year with the aim of developing the agricultural sector, reviving the troubled economy and expanding the physical infrastructure.

In order to achieve economic growth and sustainability through the combination of fiscal and monetary policies, the government has outlined agriculture, transport, energy, tourism and information technology as the drivers of economic growth. 

The government had also announced to formulate a new national agricultural policy for developing this sector as a major driving force.

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