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Transportation of Retail Goods Halted in Birgunj since 3 Days

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Transportation of Retail Goods Halted in Birgunj since 3 Days

May 27: Transport entrepreneurs of Birgunj have halted transportation service after the price of petroleum products went up twice in just a week. They stopped transportation for three days demanding adjustment of fare due to increase in the price of diesel. Chairman of the Transport Entrepreneurs Association, Birgunj Bal Krishna Pokharel said that the goods to be transported from Birgunj to Kathmandu and other major cities of the country have not been booked due to the protest.

“Until now, we were transporting goods at Rs 3.75 per kg to Rs 4 per kg. With the rise in the price of petroleum products, this amount is not enough to pay the truck fare,” Chairman Pokharel said.

Retailers carry 10 metric tons of goods in 6 wheelers. At the rate of Rs 4 per kg, the fare from Birgunj to Kathmandu is Rs 40,000. According to Pokharel, the traders now cannot transport the goods as the cost alone has reached Rs 40,000. Transport entrepreneurs have been running their business by renting trucks.

Transport businessmen say that the fare should be at least Rs 50,000, including the expenses for loading and unloading, warehouse, and office operation. They say that the expenses can be covered if the fare is at least Rs 5 per kg.

Despite some traders offering to pay the fares with adjustments, the transport entrepreneurs are seeking assurance from the state officials. The transport businessmen demanded that the fare should be adjusted in the presence of the local administration or traders' organization.

Pokharel complained that the Birgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industry had promised to take the initiative but no discussion has been initiated till date. 










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