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Tourism Ministry Proposes a Budget of Rs 196 Million for Tourism Promotion

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Tourism Ministry Proposes a Budget of Rs 196 Million for Tourism Promotion

May 6: The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has recommended allocating a budget of Rs 196 million for the upcoming fiscal year for tourism promotion. The ministry aims to revive the tourism sector affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The National Tourism Revival Committee has said that an additional budget has been demanded to promote Nepal's tourism nationally and internationally and to circulate the message that Nepal is now safe for travel.

A technical committee formed under the chairmanship of Tourism Minister Prem Ale has suggested that an additional budget is needed for tourism promotion. According to Rajaram Giri, coordinator of the technical committee, they are planning to carry out promotional in a more creative way than the traditional way.

The ministry is organizing an international tourism summit in September to bring in tourists. High-level delegations from more than 20 countries are expected to attend the conference. The ministry plans to invite the tourism minister of the country contributing to the highest number of tourists visiting Nepal. Tourism ministers of South Asian countries and experts working in the field of tourism will be invited to the summit.

Likewise, Giri added that international mountaineers, hikers and personalities will attend the summit. The committee believes that the summit will spread the message worldwide that Nepal is open and safe for travel.

Likewise, world-famous celebrities are also being invited to the event.

At the same time, the committee aims to bring Nepal to the centre of global discussion by inviting artists, athletes and mountaineers from other countries. 

Similarly, the committee is going to make a 'Tourism Digital Map' keeping in view the information of every tourist area of ​​Nepal. The aim is to include the 'One Village One Tourism Area' campaign on the same digital map. That work will be done by Nepal Tourism Board. 

The digital map will  include new tourist destinations to old ones. Tourists will know about the tourist areas of ​​Nepal as soon as they see the map. Giri said that Rs 5 million has been allocated for the project alone.


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