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Farmers’ Organisations Demand Commercilisation of Agriculture Sector

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Farmers’ Organisations Demand Commercilisation of Agriculture Sector

May 4: Peasants’ organisations affiliated to the ruling five-party alliance have asked the government to include the issues of import substitute and export promotion of agricultural goods through commercialisation of agriculture sector in the government’s new policy and programme.    

The organisations have called upon all three tiers of government to work for the development of a socialism-oriented economy as envisioned by the Constitution of Nepal through the development of a self-reliant agriculture economy to ensure happiness and prosperity in the lives of farmers.    

Nepal Farmers’ Association, All Nepal Peasants’ Federation of CPN (Unified Socialist), All Nepal Peasants’ Federation and Socialist Peasants’ Federation affiliated to the five-party alliance put forth such demands.    

The orgnisations have also demanded that the concept of land bank brought by the erstwhile government to feed the corporate houses and multinational corporations be scrapped. – RSS

It may be noted that the government had enforced the Land Use Act, 2019 in August 2020. The act had introduced concept of land bank for the first time by classifying land into various categories. The new act allows government authorities to impose fines if land was not used for specific purpose.

The new act also allows the government to slap a fine of up to Rs 100,000 if the agricultural land is left barren for a period of up to three years without informing the local government.

The land has been classified into 10 categories including agricultural; residential; commercial; industrial; mining and minerals; forests; rivers, streams, ponds and wetlands; public use; cultural and archaeological; and others. (With inputs from RSS)


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