Arrival of Tourists on the Rise

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Arrival of Tourists on the Rise

May 3: The tourism industry of Nepal is gradually recovering from the impact of COVID-19.    
The available data suggest that tourist activities have increased lately. The arrival of tourists from outside the country is on the rise since the beginning of 2022.    
According to data obtained from Nepal Tourism Board, 58,348 foreign tourists arrived in Nepal in April which is 160 per cent more compared to the corresponding period of last year.  The data shows that 22,450 people had visited the country in April 2021 when the second wave of Covid-19 had just started in Nepal. The government had imposed a ban on international flights in May last year due to which the arrival of tourists declined significantly. However, the situation has improved this year due to the decline in infection as well as lifting of restrictions.

This year, most of the tourists visiting Nepal are from Ocenia followed by visitors from Europe, the NTB informed. According to the board, the number of tourists arriving from Ocenia (Australia and New Zealand) has increased by 2641.7 percent.

Meanwhile, 52, 633 tourists left the country during the review period.     
According to NTB, the arrival of tourists is gradually increasing after a significant fall in the two previous years due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

The arrival of tourists at present is 53 percent of the figure of the pre-pandemic period.

In March, the country welcomed 42,006 tourists from various countries while the number of tourists visiting Nepal in January and February stood at 16,975 and 19766 respectively.  

NTB said its strategic marketing in international market and the initiatives of tourism entrepreneurs have contributed to the revival of the tourism sector.    

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